The history of food photography isn’t a little subject – This blog aims to convince you, the reader, of the importance and significance of food photography as a photographic genre! By exploring a vast amount of different sources and attempting to link them together, this blog intends to create a cohesive history deserving artistic attention.

About the Author:

Helen Grace Ventura Thompson is a passionate food and still life photographer and writer. After graduating with a First Class degree in BA (Hons) Photography – Editorial and Advertising from the University of Gloucestershire last year, she entered the Sony World Photography Awards of 2012, and was named Winner of the Fine Art Still Life category.

When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, Helen writes this blog on the history of food photography. Fascinated by the many disparate sources on the subject and encouraged by the 1st she was awarded for her dissertation “It isn’t a little subject – A history of food photography”, Helen has continued to research and write about this truly engrossing subject.

She has had a series of articles published in The Foodie Bugle and on the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Award Blog –  More info on these can be found on the Links page

She also loves to photograph food because it combines her two favourite things; food and photography.

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