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The Foodie Bugle:

The art of food photography for today’s lifestyles

The rise of food pornography

A history of food photography in the 1990s

The trends in food photography in the late 20th Century.

The history of food photography in the late 20th century…

The aesthetic and cultural significance of food photography

History of Food Photography

Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Blog

Feature Shoot:

Photos of Pre-Manufactured Desserts Shot in the Style of Late 20th Century Cookbooks

Clever QR Codes Composed of Avocados and Lemons

Clever Fruit Mashups Photographed by Rene Mesman

Felicity McCabe’s Photos Have Fun with Fruit and a C-Stand

Richard Haughton Photographs the Food of Some of the World’s Most Creative Chefs

Yuichi Nishihata’s Sensual Photos of Fruit

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  1. Hello
    I have read you entire blog and very much enjoyed it. I am also working on my masters thesis with food as a central actor, only my interest in more on the technological side. I was greatly inspired by your blog and i’ve seen it many times as a reference to the history of food photography. And I found it of great help when I was working on my little history chapter. I love how you always mention the influences of styles over the years and I think that well, since smartphones food photography has grown and developed in many ways. I was wondering why you haven’t tackled that dimension? or you haven;t yet. But i believe it is quite interesting what is going on today in the whole food-tech space.

    Best of luck with all you projects
    and a lovely Fall


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