Waitrose Food Illustrated

In recent years, consumer interest in food has rocketed. With hundreds of food blogs, a wide range of food magazines and television shows, the connection between food and art has become much stronger. Food photography is not just for advertising anymore. 

In the March 2009 issue of Waitrose Food Illustrated, a number of features examine the relationship between art and food. Photography and style director, Tabitha Hawkins celebrated the relationship between food and art by commissioning photographers to produce images in the style of paintings in a 10-page feature and cover story. One image by Jonathan Gregson shows a late 18th century still life, taking direct influence from Chardin.

Jonathan Gregson, in Waitrose Food Illustrated, 2009
More recently, Waitrose Kitchen produced a beautiful food photo story, photographed by Gus Filgate. Tabitha Hawkins pushed for the idea to be used in the magazine, as the images are dark – unlike the usual style of the other photographs. The beautiful images could be framed and mounted for exhibition in a gallery.
Gus Filgate, in Waitrose Kitchen, 2011
Images from the March 2009 issue, along with 16 other Waitrose Food Illustrated photographs from previous years, were exhibited in the Waitrose Food Illustrated’s ‘Food and Art’ Exhibition, which ran for 2 months in the Café and Trafalgar Room at the National Gallery. The exhibition celebrated 10 years of the magazine and tied in with the launch of The National Cookbook, compiled of recipes from the National Dining Rooms. This event highlights the significant connection between the commercial and art world, something that hadn’t linked together before in food photography. Food photography’s purpose here is not only for commercial means but also celebrated as an art form.

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