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There’s a lot of interesting things going on in food photography at the moment. With the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year just completing it’s second year and planning the third, food photography has really started to catch the attention of the masses. For some, taking a quick snap of your meal is becoming commonplace, so much so that in New York, some restaurants have banned people from taking pictures of their food in restaurants (Schroeder, S. 2013) Instagram is popular and using it to share photos of food seems to be one of the main things it’s good for (Lloyd, S. 2013) , with twitter and other social networking sites flooded with “#foodstagram”.

With food photography becoming so fashionable, the Observer Food Monthly Awards have added a new category this year; best food photography, urging eager food photography enthusiasts to enter; “We’d like to see your best work, whether you’re showing off a home-cooked meal, documenting a visit to a great restaurant or capturing the finest produce at your local farmer’s market.” (Grundy, G. 2013) It’s exciting to see where this will lead with all these recent developments adding to the history of food photography.  Perhaps now, more than ever, we will be looking at whether any past trends and techniques reappear.

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