The Foodie bugle – Interview with Food Photographer Gareth Morgans

I recently interviewed food photographer Gareth Morgans for The Foodie Bugle on his views on the changing face of food photography and his thoughts about the future of the medium. Here’s a few snaps of the article in print. You can buy Reveille 2 of the Foodie Bugle here to see the article in full (as well as many other fantastic pieces of food writing!)

The-Foodie-Bugle---Reveille-2Gareth-Morgans-interview----Foodie-Bugle-pg88-89 Gareth-Morgans-interview----Foodie-Bugle-pg90-91 Foodie-Bugle---Contributors-List-Issue-2


Carl Warner’s Foodscapes

I’ve always loved Carl Warner’s Foodscapes ever since I saw them on the Richard and Judy show years ago!

Carl Warner - Breadford & CheesedaleThe images remind me of Erro’s Food Landscape which I wrote about a few posts back, although Warner’s images speak quite an opposite message to Erro’s.

Carl Warner - Cart-BalloonsIn Warner’s images, the food is used to create a beautiful landscape, rather then mirroring the goods in a supermarket. There is repetition and crowding of food stuffs like Erro’s Food Landscape but the food looks naturally perfect and carefully selected (as described in some of Warner’s making of’s), rather than insinuating any sort of industrial production process.

Carl Warner - Brocolli-Forest