‘Still Live’ exhibition the Sarah Myerscough Gallery

I’ve been writing a bit recently about still life for the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year blog and I stumbled upon an exhibition which shows the genre in a whole new light. Despite being quite good at going to exhibitions, I managed to missed this one, but spoke to the wonderful gallery organisers at the Sarah Myerscough Gallery who gave me a little bit of info on the show.

'Still Live' exhibition the Sarah Myerscough Gallery

‘Still Live’ exhibition the Sarah Myerscough Gallery

Still life is often overlooked and seen as a boring genre of art so I’m glad that an exhibition has finally been dedicated to it, taking a contemporary look at this historical genre through the work eight different artists. The ‘Still Live’ exhibition showcases a mixture of painting, photography and sculpture to show the artists’ representations of still life.

The work that stood out to me the most was by Spanish photographer, Leticia Felgueroso. She creates a series of images of tables laden with magnificent and colourful feasts which are reminiscent of still life paintings from the 18th century. The images however are slightly surreal as the colours are saturated and the backgrounds create an almost dreamlike scene.

Cortinas rojas by Leticia Felgueroso

Bodegon blanco by Leticia Felgueroso

I’m hoping for more exhibitions like this in the future!