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The Degree Show

May 30, 2011
So Xposure has been and gone, so for those of you who couldn’t make it, below are a few snaps of the installation I created for the event.

I constructed a dining room set that combined the short moving image films I did for my final major project with framed prints of work I shot for projects earlier in the year. I displayed my portfolio on the bureau along with my business cards and two photo books (One of the Artisan Chocolate making course and another of a collection of my farmers market images)

Cupcakes provided by Vanilla Pod Bakery
The TV screen (representing a window) played a short stop motion video (shot over 6 hours and condensed into 1 1/2 minutes) of a garden party. The scene progressed from mid-afternoon to night.

The dining table was cut to strategically fit 2 e-mac screens under it so the viewer could sit at the table to ‘consume’ the meal. Each screen played 3 short films, accompanied by music.

The films will be available to view shortly on my website and on this blog


May 10, 2011

My work will be part of this show, hope to see you there!


May 2, 2011
In autumn last year, I scanned a selection of leaves and couldn’t think what to do with the images. I found the files while cleaning up my old computer and made this is a composite of 4 different scans.